Welcome to Your Online course on Flipping your Classroom!

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Here you will click on each Module and work your way through the course in your own time frame. Each media object is an example of a tool you can use to flip your classroom.

  • Module 1: Participants will take part in a brief example module of flipped learning from the viewpoint of the student. Media objects:

    • Brief introduction describing flipped learning
    • Video showing the lesson portion of flipped learning
    • Short assignment based on the video
    • Follow up explanation and answers to the assignment
  • Module 2: Participants will learn about the tools used to flip the classroom, and they will apply the concepts from Module 1 to create the base work for their own flipped module. Media objects:

    • Brief video, describing tools that can be used to create videos for the lesson to be created, to be watched by participants.
    • Participants will then create the base work for a flipped lesson on a simple concept from their school curriculum.

  • Module 3: Design the instructional video/learning sequence to partner with the work of Module 2. Media objects:

    • Participants will create a short video of the instruction piece of their lesson from Module 2. They will also create a hand out assignment or hands on activity to further reinforce the video lesson.

  • Module 4: Participants have completed the training and understand how to conduct a flipped classroom. Now they will evaluate their knowledge by creating a final product to be presented to the entire class.

    Media objects:

    • Learners will create and present a video or presentation model to use as a flipped classroom lesson to the group.

    • They will then share ideas for conducting class activity time to make the learning more effective and efficient.