Flipped Classroom Module 4

The above Tackk Board was created by Jaime Vandergrift.

Assessment is one of the most important parts of a flipped lesson. It allows you to:

  • know what your students' understand
  • see if your instruction is effective or needs to be revised
  • measure the students' learning
  • know if the activities or coursework were adequate to the learning
  • see if the learning meets the original objectives

Before you can properly assess your students, you must decide its goals.

  • Will the results determine how the class will be taught?
  • Will the results be used to determine student success?
  • Will the results measure students learning?

This video was created by flipitconsulting. They have a blog located on YouTube.

Two types of evaluations used to assess the course and/or student work with flipped learning are:

  • Formative Evaluation - used early in instruction and determines if the instruction is working or needs to be revised.
  • Summative Evaluation - used to determine learning success at the end of the unit/instruction

Some evaluation processes might be as follows:

  • Quiz - This would show if students understand the material presented in the videos
  • Observations during class activity time - walk around and observe progress
  • Review charts or graphic organizers students completed while viewing the flipped lesson
  • Test - multiple choice, true/false, constructed response, or a mixture
  • Presentation - students create a presentation model to display their understanding
  • Project - students create something to correlate with learning

Now, you start flipping!

You now understand how to create, conduct, and evaluate a flipped lesson. Using your curriculum and subject-matter, you will create a flipped lesson on your own and present it to the entire class. After your presentation, you will share some ideas of how you would administer your class activity time to make the learning more meaningful. This will determine understanding of flipping classrooms and the effectiveness of this online course.